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Beach Life

                     hat is it about the turquoise ocean that always seem to calm the mind and heal the heart? Diving                                                 into the purifying waters of Bronte is a wonderful way to reset our minds and emotions. As we move into 2023, it might be a good time to reflect! Whenever I find myself stuck, whether it is related to work, creativity or relationships, I tend to embrace beach life and simply observe nature's creative movements in the ocean as my teacher. I observe the locals adapting to each wave without any attachment, simply enjoying and accepting the ocean as it is. The reason I am stuck or frustrated is because my expectations have not been met. Why do I fight nature's movements? Desires, ambitions, and planning our goals are all valid. The process simply involves acknowledging our capabilities, inherent nature, or habits and working with them. Our hidden gaps also need to be identified and the right information needs to be sought to fill them. I remember when I really wanted to learn about photography, I was ready to sign up for a one-year course in college. It was fortunate that seven years ago, one of my yoga students who is an amazing professional photographer, was kind enough to provide me an offer that I could not pass. We worked out a contra-deal for a period of six months where She would teach me the foundation of photography and in return, I would teach her one on one yoga sessions. It was lovely exchange and even today we still meet up for lunches and discuss our passions and what inspired projects we are currently working on.


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