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Ugo Rondinone

             orn November 30, 1964, is a Swiss-born artist widely             

             recognized for his mastery of several different media—most prominently sculpture, drawing and painting, but also photography, architecture, video and sound installation—in the largely figurative works he has made for exhibitions in galleries, museums and outdoor public spaces around the world.


Ugo Rondinone-2.jpg

Inspired by geological formations

                  go Rondinone's art works ranges from installations and sculptures             

                  to psychedelic paintings and large-scale drawings, his eclectic practice explores the relationships between opposing forces—day and night, real and artificial, euphoria and depression. His most recognizable works are his vibrant  “Rocks” sculptures. They are vertically stacked rocks painted in fluorescent colours. Inspired by naturally occurring geological formations and the meditative art of rock balancing, Rondinone has built these large-scale artworks in public settings around Liverpool, Miami, and the Nevada desert. He has created smaller iterations for gallery exhibitions. 


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