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Photo by Kambros (Left above


Photo by bassike (right above)

              ellingen, 5.5hrs drive up North from Sydney, a wonderful hot spot for getaways and exploring near by spectacular scenic views.             


"Bello", is an attractive township in the heart of the Bellinger Valley surrounded by rich pasturelands. It is a town which

historically serviced the surrounding dairy farmers and timber cutters. Over the past twenty years it has become a popular inland retreat from "treechangers" who do not want to live on the coast. The changes are obvious. The menus in the cafes have a distinctly citified feel about them, the shops have lots of home made craft items. These changes coincided with a transitional period in dairy farming which saw the local farmers selling off the odd 30–40 hectares for a price far better than its rural value. The rich soils of the valley and the extensive sunshine and good rainfall have shown that the town will always be prosperous. 

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