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Welcome to Inspired Life


              ue to the last three years of global interruption, not only we                      have suffered from isolation, loneliness but all aspects of our being have been challenged. However, these challenges have also presented a light of opportunity, an opportunity to rise above it by coming back to the most basic way of living and realising that our time, our energy are limited in this planet. The awareness of how important community, space and kindness has come to the surface of consciousness. If our time is limited then, what is our calling, our purpose? How would we express that to the world … this becomes our medium for connection, our medium of service.  INSPIRED LIFE is an Australian digital media sharing quality content about  amazing people, creativity, inspirations, health, and lifestyle.


Warm wishes,

Michael Malaga (Chaitanya)



                    e are naturally social beings who love to express ourselves through various mediums; whether                       it be through art, culture, music, our profession, or leisure. Throughout my years of health, wellness, and hospitality, it became evident that there are these universal laws not subjected to differences but a commonality of principles that connects all sciences and activities. These universal laws allow us to express ourselves authentically and live our true potential. A common desire for understanding the self, our purpose, community and our environment. Our mission is to provide creative and inspiring content which can support your creativity, exploring new passions and mediums for a deeper connection. Join our community by subscribing.



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